Way Out West


The treatment East Idaho deserves

Too long, the rich story of East Idaho has gone untold, unappreciated. No longer. Way Out West, our largest-ever exhibit and centerpiece of the museum for the decade to come, will tell the real story, the twisting story, the surprising story... the one that weaves together social, cultural, scientific, political, historic, and artistic threads. It's your story too. And it won't be told unless we tell it together.

Opening January 23, 2021

Why the new exhibit?

World-class learning in our region, about our region

The Way Out West exhibit will feature significant artifacts (new acquisitions and old favorites) and stunning interactives experiences to bring East Idaho's social, cultural, and environmental history to life.


Gallery renderings (click to enlarge)

How can I contribute?

We have collected stories and artifacts from throughout East Idaho, and that process is now largely complete. However, we cannot bring the exhibit to life without your help.

MOI would like to thank the following organizations for their generous contributions to The Way Out West exhibit: