Strategic plan

Your museum of the future

At MOI, we’re all about constant improvement. Here’s a sneak peek at how we hope to advance our mission and strengthen our operations in the coming years.

Category: Increase impact

Focus: Reinforce the notion of MOI as a nexus of cultural activity in East Idaho — not just an exhibit hall.

Goal 1: Serve more people

  • Increase the number of people served in adult programs by 25%
  • Add 600 items to the publicly accessssible digital collection
  • Create a new public media series focused on regional humanities and sciences

Goal 2: Prepare for long-term facilities enhancement

  • Stand up a board facilities committee
  • Create a master campus plan balancing current and potential properties with museum needs
  • Invest $100,000 toward long-term special exhibit hall equipment needs

Category: Prioritize people

Focus: Attract, retain, and empower top-quality staff; ensure we’re serving all demographics in our region.

Goal 1: Increase accessibility to the museum

  • Extend open hours to include at least one evening per week
  • Add at least 20 person-hours per month in Spanish-language outreach

Goal 2: Bolster the volunteer program

  • Create a procedural program to better engage individual volunteer talents and align them with departmental needs

    Goal 3: Care for staff

    • Provide each staff member with at least one significant, personally meaningful professional development opportunity per year

    Category: Strengthen the business

    Focus: Improve financial sustainability and decrease reliance on regular attendance income.

    Goal 1: Increase gross margins

    • Upgrade the museum’s POS and CRM systems
    • Seek at least 8 full museum space rentals per year
    • Create 1-2 canned corporate training programs centered on our areas of expertise
    • Offer 1-2 educational travel excursions per year
    • Secure a major sponsor for at least one MOI-curated regional exhibit per year

    Goal 2: Bolster long-term financial outlook

    • Create a new working 5-year financial plan
    • Engage 20+ local financial planners in exclusive MOI activities
    • Secure $1 million per year in planned/legacy pledges

    Goal 3: Seek enhancements to the current special exhibits model

    • Increase earned revenue during special exhibit transition periods
    • Perform a feasibility study on alternative exhibit scheduling models
    • Perform a feasibility study on large in-house exhibit creation

    Goal 4: Broaden approach to corporate partnerships

    • Create employee recruitment and retention package aimed at large employers

    The planning process

    This trimmed-down working plan focuses on selected new initiatives — not stuff we already do. This plan is the result of several months of discussions between all MOI staff members and trustees, as well as other stakeholders, in late 2023 and early 2024, building upon the museum’s mission, foundations, and previous strategic plans. Goals have deadlines within 2024-26, and may be updated as circumstances warrant, with progress monitored along the way.


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