SPACE: A Journey to Our Future

Educator Resources

SPACE: A JOURNEY TO OUR FUTURE is created to ignite your desire for discovery, sparking your imaginations and inspiring new generations of explorers to dream of the possibilities that lie ahead.

This extraordinary exhibit gives audiences an opportunity to experience our past explorations and future destiny in space. Visitors to the exhibit are reminded that only through dreaming and exploration can we truly begin to live as inhabitants of this universe in which we find ourselves adrift. SPACE reintroduces audiences to generations of dreamers and thinkers who have at times risked their lives to give us all a better understanding of who we are and how we fit into the universe around us. Most importantly, we will meet today’s explorers who continue to understand more about our planet and how to protect it and are on the forefront of the search for answers to our questions about the beginning of our universe and what life exists out there. The exhibit reminds each visitor that it is these unknown questions of our existence that make us all the same, inexorably tied together on this fragile, blue planet.

Solar Eclipse Resources

*The Museum of Idaho is receiving 20,000 pairs of eclipse glasses from NASA that we will be giving away for free when you come in to see our exhibit. For questions, contact the Museum of Idaho. NEVER look at the sun without proper eye protection. The eclipse glasses are made out of material as strong as a welder’s helmet. Sunglasses are not strong enough to protect your eyes while viewing the partial phases of the eclipse.

Other Resources from the NISE Network’s Explore Science: Earth and Space Toolkit

*The Museum of Idaho received a physical toolkit from the NISE network. If you would like to borrow any materials for these activities, contact the Director of Education at (208)522-1400 ext. 3002 or