Mystery at the Museum Crate – Kidnapping at the MOI!


Crates ONLY Available for pick-up at the Museum of Idaho

In each of four “episodes”, you’ll unwrap a new piece of the mystery to help solve a case set in our upcoming exhibit, Way Out West. Each box will contain hands-on puzzles and clues. Using STEAM skills, you’ll get closer and closer to solving the mystery.  Do each episode in one day or use it for a great weekend activities – it is up to you and your family!  Recommended for ages 5-16 (younger ages will need more assistance from an adult to complete activities).

The full crate includes:

  • A souvenir for each of the four episodes of your mystery adventure
  • Multiple STEAM activities per episode + a section called “The Plot Thickens…” that has more ideas for continuing the fun!
  • A top-secret envelope for each episode with more information and the answers to each week’s puzzles
  • A journal for note-taking, a magnifying glass, and other essential science tools for each episode
  • Four tickets to visit the Museum of Idaho + Bonus Fossil Dig Activity – $48 value!

Each kit contains enough materials for one student, but we welcome collaborative work from siblings.

Note: Your registration will be confirmed via one or more emails in the coming days following your order. Supplies are limited and will be unavailable to people who have not registered.

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