RFP – Original Artwork


The Project:

The Museum of Idaho (MOI) is seeking proposals to create an original work of art inspired by regional ancient native art, pictographs, and/or the local landscape including flora and fauna. For this project, MOI is requesting clean outlines of images that would be cut into an interior wall and serve as “windows” to another gallery space (a simplified example concept is seen at the far left in the above artist rendering of the gallery created by Christopher Doucette). This opportunity is open to any Idaho resident, but preference will be given to those enrolled in any federally recognized tribe in Idaho. The proposal deadline is April 15th, 2019, at 5pm.


The Award:

A $1000 commission for the artist selected to realize his/her work in a digital format.


Project Intent:

The location for this piece will be the entry point for the expanded regional exhibit titled The Way Out West in the Museum of Idaho. The purpose of the art is to provide visitors to the museum with an artistic representation of ancient cultures and/or of Idaho's natural environment so that they can make connections between human experiences and Idaho’s unique landscape. The specific artwork should:

  • Demonstrate artistic excellence
  • Be comprised of a digital file which can, if selected as the inspiration for the final project, be easily adapted to different sizes
    • For the initial RFP, a digital file (such as a photo) of the proposed image created in whatever medium the artist prefers will suffice
  • May contain many separate images or one cohesive image with a storyline
    • Should include limited interpretation whether individually or as a collection
  • Contain nothing more than outlines of several images so that a separate craftsman can cut the images out of a wall to serve as “windows” to another gallery space
  • Should be inspired by local ancient pictographs/ traditional native imagery and/or Idaho's natural landscape


Information about the Installation:

The images produced by the selected artist will be cut into a curved wall which leads to a large gallery space in which the main focal element will be a full-size Columbian Mammoth and other prehistoric artifacts and fossil materials. The images will need to be of varying sizes to allow visitors to glimpse the gallery beyond as they approach the wall. The artist selected will be responsible for producing the images and a separate craftsman will be commissioned to construct the wall and the relief of the images.



This RFP is open to any Idaho resident, but preference will be given to those enrolled in one of Idaho’s federally recognized tribes.  It is the MOI’s intent to work alongside tribal members to interpret material relating to native peoples’ significant contributions to Idaho. Should a non-native artist be chosen, they will be asked to create a piece inspired by Idaho's natural features and landscape as opposed to drawing inspiration from ancient native art.

The commissioned artist will work with Museum of Idaho staff and the craftsman responsible for the implementation of the work to create a quality installation.


How to Apply:

Artists interested in submitting a proposal must submit the following:

  • Proposed Artwork Concept: This proposal shall include conceptual design drawings sufficient to communicate the artist’s concept. It should describe the specifications for the artwork and be submitted as a digital file (.jpg, .pdf, .png, etc.).
  • Letter of Interest: no more than one page in length, which explains your interest in the project. Please include your name and contact information.
  • Artist’s Statement: no more than 200 words in length, describing your work.
  • Current Resume: If submitting as a team, an individual resume should be submitted for each team member.
  • References: at least two references familiar with your work and working methods. This list must include complete addresses and telephone numbers.

Please submit all materials via freely accessible cloud storage link (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) to exhibits@museumofidaho.org, or by mailing a flash drive to:

Museum of Idaho
Attn: Experience Team
200 N. Eastern Ave
Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Materials Must be Received by 5pm on April 15, 2019.


Final Artist Selection:

MOI will review the submissions and select an artist to create this work. The final commission of artwork for the project will be awarded by April 30, 2019, at 5pm.


Additional Information:

The selected artist will receive a contract for the commission in the amount of $1000, which must be sufficient for the creation of the work in a digital format. Upon completion of the project, the Museum of Idaho will retain the rights to the artwork and conceptual designs.

The Museum of Idaho reserves the right to re-release this RFP to a wider audience should a suitable submission not be received.

For answers to questions regarding this RFP, please email exhibits@museumofidaho.org.