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Education Programming Guide

Contains exhibit information, engineering activities, professional development resources, links to learning media, and more.

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Teacher’s Guides

Complement your classroom instruction and make the most of your school field trip! You have access to standards-compliant
teacher’s guides for both elementary school and middle school. Each of these guides contains original, accessible, STEAM-related classroom lesson plans for you to use and share.

  • STEAM-related lesson plans
  • Games and puzzles
  • Recommended reading lists
  • Glossaries
  • And More
Elementary School Lesson Plans

1. Map It! Partners Around the World – Geography, Data Collection, Graphing
2. When Drag Isn’t a Drag – Science
3. Better Suited for Mars – Science, Engineering 
4. Logical Careers – Math

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Middle School Lesson Plans

1. Modeling the Future of Flight – Math
2. Swept for Speed – Math, Science, Social Studies
3. Beyond Biology – Science, Technology, Engineering 
4. Logical Careers – Math, Critical Thinking

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