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Still not ready to visit us at the museum? We've got you. Check out these MOI favorites to enjoy at home.

(also, find more fun content when you visit us on Facebook, Instagram, and our new YouTube channel)


Step into the 1890s with 360-degree tours of the shops, rooms, and offices in our historic Eagle Rock, USA exhibit.

Click on each of the shop names and download the guided tour for more info about each one. Then, break out the Immersive Exploration Sheets to play seek & find, design your own artifacts, and more activities in each shop.


For adults

Museum After Dark: Slightly Irreverent Tour history presentations

For kids

Discovery Day (ages 6-12): @ Home Activities for weekly discovery

Little Learners (ages 2-5):@ Home Activities for you and your little one




Downtown Idaho Falls Historic Building Scavenger Hunt

  • Match historic photos with their current locations.  You'll just have to redeem your prize after we reopen.


What has the coronavirus experience been like for you? Respond to a few prompts about this dramatic episode in our lives. Then, use this to help journal about your experience, or to connect with family and friends. If you like, we'll archive your answers as part of the museum's new collective history project, "The Time We Stayed Home."


Check out our Educator Resources page for a wealth of ideas for home and classroom learning about Idaho, dinosaurs, science, and more.


NISE Network's Do Science at Home!

"The National Informal STEM Education Network (NISE Network) and its partners have developed a variety of hands-on STEM activities designed for use in museums and science centers.  Most of these hands-on STEM activities listed at the web page below can be done with materials you may already have in your home."

-NISE Network

Activities and their instructions/worksheets are also downloadable in Spanish!

Click HERE to check out the STEM Activities!

Carolina Biologic Supply STEM @ Home

"Carolina Biological Supply Company is committed to support parents, teachers, and school districts with learn-from-home resources during this challenging time. Click HERE to explore the resources for elementary and middle school students from Carolina’s Building Blocks of Science™ 3D, Innovators in Science, and Smithsonian Programs."

-Carolina Biological Supply

Also, click the links below to download Carolina's dual-language lessons for elementary English Language Leaners:

K-2 Grade Dual-Language Sample

3-5 Grade Dual-Language Sample

Digital Making at Home

"Join the Raspberry Pi Foundation team as we code and create projects at home. Every Monday we’ll share a theme that will inspire you to have fun, solve problems, and express yourselves creatively with technology."

-Raspberry Pi Foundation

Click HERE for a weekly coding project for all age ranges!

FREE Makey Makey Classes!

2 brand new classes have been uploaded to help train and get those creative juices flowing with the Makey Makey  invention kit!

If you are new to Makey Makey and want to get familiarized with the invention kit, head on over to the "Intro to Makey Makey Class."

If you've used Makey Makey for awhile, but want to learn about output, remapping, and the back of the board, check out the "Advanced Makey Makey Class."

NASA Resources

NASA At Home Resources

Let NASA bring the universe into your home!  This website includes a repository of E-books, activities for families, virtual tours & VR, podcasts and videos.

NASA at Home

NASA STEM @ Home for Students


Story Time From Space

Watch astronauts on the Space Station read children’s books and perform science demonstrations! Story Time From Space offers a delightful combination of science, literacy, and entertainment through its library of free, family-friendly videos.  Together with NASA and the ISS U.S. National Laboratory, Story Time From Space arms parents, formal and informal educators with the necessary materials and knowledge to teach fun, accurate STEM lessons.

STEM Ecosystems

"We are proud to launch STEM@Home™, a virtual collection of resources, webinars and workshops intended to help families keep learning going for their children while schools and other activities are suspended."

-STEM Ecosystems

Click HERE for a list of webinars, workshops, and other resources to engaging kids at home!

Idaho STEM Action Center - STEM @ Home

"The Idaho STEM Action Center, in response to the current environment of students, parents, and teachers working and studying from home will be launching STEM@Home – a one stop-shop for STEM-tastic activities, experiments, and other STEM-related resources! These FREE resources will help ensure our STEM enthusiasts stay engaged during school closures, and that educators have the online learning tools they need to explore STEM horizons in new ways.

A STEM@Home tile has been added to our Resource Portal to make it easy to find activities, experiments, informative articles, curriculum, and YouTube videos by age or grade and subject area... And if you have great ideas you want to share, we encourage you to visit our Resource Portal at to submit resources for possible inclusion in STEM@Home!"  -Idaho STEM Action Center

DOE STEM @ Home & INL Resource Library

"The U.S. Department of Energy and many other great science, engineering, technology, and mathematics (STEM) learning organizations have you covered. With interactive digital content and instructions for simple activities you can do at home, parents and children have plenty of hours of STEM content to explore!"

-Department of Energy

Click HERE for the DOE's STEM @ Home Resource Page

Click Here to explore what resources INL has to offer through various flipbooks, available in English and Spanish, along with some links to useful resources for educators, students and families.

The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources by MCN

The Museum Computer Network (MCN) has compiled a list so that everyone can have access to endless open content, educational resources for e-learning, and virtual retreats to art, culture, and history around the globe.

Click HERE for the full list.

Top Online Museum Tours

"As coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to spread and disrupt the daily lives of people across the globe, forcing many to self-quarantine, we are compiling the best online offerings from artists, museums and galleries. Whether you are staying at home or your local museums and galleries have closed, here are some of the best digital initiatives to satisfy your creative cravings."  -Aimee Dawson, The Art Newspaper

Click HERE for the full article and list of Online Museum and Art Tours.

Explaining Coronavirus to Kids

Great booklet that helps explain the Coronavirus and its impact to kids, at their level.

Click HERE for the PDF download.


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