Through the lens of a legendary local photographer Photography from many decades past shouldn’t be good. It was labor intensive, easy to mess up, and its most defining quality is the absence of something usually important: color. However, in the images of East Idaho photographer Quincy Jensen (1922-93), the mid-20th
How to use Archimedes’ ingenious ancient weapons What do you mean you haven’t heard of Archimedes? He’s one of the most famous people in the known world! He’s a genius inventor from right here in Syracuse, the city-state by the sea. He’s transforming math from just theories into actual inventions and
Writing Idaho history Has anyone ever asked you what makes Idaho – or East Idaho – unique? Despite spending 30+ years in love with our region, I recently found myself stumped by that question. After all, each of our neighbors also boasts mountains, sunsets, crops, snow, and good-hearted people. No
The major East Idaho archaeological site you didn’t know about Maybe you knew about it. We shouldn’t assume. But for how significant the Wasden site might be, it’s surprising how little attention it gets. In the desert west of Idaho Falls, between the city and the INL site, is a
Mary Shelley and the heart in the drawer Remember what you were like at 18? What had you accomplished? Ew, wait. Don’t tell us. Just think to yourself. By the age of 18, had you begun writing a literary masterpiece about humanity and ethics and science that arguably spawned a