Immerse yourself

MOI has developed a reputation as one of the country’s best places to see world-class interactive displays on the humanities and sciences. Here’s what’s on now.

Genghis Khan: conquest & culture

Step into the kingdom of history’s ultimate conqueror. View ancient artifacts from war and yurt, and enjoy live performances of traditional Mongolian music.

Open now through September 5

Way Out West

Immerse yourself in the human and environmental story of Idaho from its first inhabitants through today. Featuring artifacts and interactives for all ages.

Open now and always

Marie Putnam Discovery Room

Kids can climb mountains, crawl through caves, explore a tipi and a settler’s cabin, and enjoy puzzles, books, and experiments all in one place.

Open now and always

Upcoming exhibit


Play as you learn the surprising science and history behind your favorite toys and games. Try The Big Piano, giant pin wall, classic video arcade, and much more.


Opening September 30, 2022

Past exhibits

From T. rexes to human bodies to steampunk, MOI has hosted more than 30 world-class traveling exhibits since 2003, delivering experiences that could previously only be found in major metro areas.