Every gift makes a difference

Admissions, grants, and other earned revenue cover only a fraction of what we do as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Your donations and sponsorships make up the balance. Here’s what to know right away:

  • You have options: help fund Way Out West, contribute to the MOI Sustainability Fund, or pick another cause.
  • It might be cheaper than you think, thanks to generous Idaho Education Tax Credits.
  • Major gifts and sponsorships can come with naming opportunities and leverage community support through matching.
  • Planned giving options are available, such as bequests, charitable trusts, gifts of other assets, tax-saving deductions from your IRA, and more.

You may give right now using the form below, or discuss options with Director of Development Kim Lee (208-522-1400 ext. 3007 or e-mail).

Note: If you are interested in donating an item or artifact, please see the policies and procedures on our research & collections page.

Or use this form to give through your Donor Advised Fund

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Idaho Gives:

Giving ushers in a new era for historic collections

It's nice when generosity pays off quickly. 53 members of our community donated to the museum for Idaho Gives 2021. With a $4,000 match from an anonymous donor, the gifts totaled $8,550. Soon after, MOI trustee Linda Montgomery chipped in the remaining funds to help us reach $12,600 -- the price of a WideTEK 25 CCD Flatbed Scanner.
This scanner will allow MOI archivists to digitize many of our most important collections -- collections that the public rarely gets to see -- and make these invaluable pieces of Idaho history accessible to the public online.
Thank you for your contributions.