You can help re-write Idaho history

Too often, we Idahoans have allowed others to write our story. Your donation can help us take back the narrative and inspire locals and visitors alike. You have options: help build our massive new flagship exhibit, The Way Out West: a permanent, yet dynamic exploration of what makes our state and region special. Or contribute to the MOI Sustainability Fund, buy a custom-engraved brick for the Museum's patio area, or pick another cause.

There's more good news: it might be cheaper than you think, thanks to Idaho education tax credits. For instance, an impactful $2,000 donation from a married Idaho couple making $75,000 per year could actually cost the couple as little as $352. Learn more.

To discuss giving to MOI, please contact Director of Development Nick Gailey (208-522-1400 ext. 3013 or e-mail).

If you are interested in donating an item to MOI collections, please see the policies and procedures on our research page.