The Way Out West:

Let's tell East Idaho's story right ... and right now

Too often, we Idahoans have allowed others to write our story. Your donation to our new flagship exhibit, The Way Out West, will help us tell the world's biggest and most balanced story about our region, convey a diversity of voices, and offer a range of exciting and enlightening experiences for learners of all ages and all types.

Every gift makes a difference

Admissions, grants, and other earned revenue cover only a fraction of what we do as a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Your donations and sponsorships make up the balance. Here's what to know right away:

  • You have options: help build The Way Out West, contribute to the MOI Sustainability Fund, or pick another cause.
  • It might be cheaper than you think, thanks to generous Idaho Education Tax Credits.
  • Major gifts and sponsorships can come with naming opportunities and leverage community support through matching.
  • Planned giving options are available, such as bequests, charitable trusts, gifts of other assets, required minimum distributions (RMD), and more.

You may give right now using the form below, or discuss options with Director of Development Nick Gailey (208-522-1400 ext. 3013 or e-mail).

Note: If you are interested in donating an item or artifact, please see the policies and procedures on our research & collections page.

Idaho Gives 2019 results

This year, with the help of 39 separate donations, we raised $10,050 to subsidize school field trips for Idaho students. That's more than 4 times our previous Idaho Gives record. We are grateful for your continued support.