Shape the future of our region

The Museum of Idaho exists and thrives because of visionary donors committed to bringing the world to Idaho, and Idaho to the world. Together, we can expand our current capabilities and add new ones, the likes of which our region has never seen.


Did you know most of MOI’s programs are offered for free or with scholarships for low-income learners?

Your gift can enable MOI to improve the reach and access of programs for kids, adults, and educators, subsidize field trips, and cover busing costs for rural schools. Learn more.


Did you know the museum pays an average of $300,000 to bring in each traveling exhibit?

Your gift can continue to make Idaho Falls the smallest city in the world to host world-class exhibits — and to offer these impactful experiences to the public at affordable prices. Learn more.


Did you know MOI collections range from old photographs to fire trucks to ancient Egyptian statuettes?

Your gift can enable MOI to preserve your history and make it accessible for future generations. Learn more.

Donate Via Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)

If you have an existing DAF account, you may choose to generate quarterly or annual grants earmarked toward the museum’s long-term sustainability or to a specific educational program, curatorial expense or even an exhibit.

Common DAF providers in our region include:

*DAF grants made to the Museum of Idaho will be used solely for charitable purposes. No part of the granted funds can be used to provide impermissible benefits (such as tickets to attend special event) for the donor or any other person.

Donate Online With Card, Bank, Mobile Methods


Idaho Education Tax Credits

Did you know? You may be able to get hundreds back on your state taxes for donating to MOI.


MOI provides numerous ways to give wealth, including through bequests, gifts of stock, tax-saving deductions from your IRA or Donor Advised Fund, and more. Use one of our secure online tools to make giving those impactful gifts as simple as possible.

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Interested in donating an item instead?


We are humbled to receive donations to MOI in many ways, including through third parties such as GreatNonprofits. However, in addition to fees that may reduce the impact of your giving, such third-party donations may not be eligible for the Idaho Education Tax Credit. Rather, donations made directly to MOI through the form above, or through cash, check, credit card, appreciated stock, or other assets, can maximize benefits for both you and MOI.


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