Discovery Trunks

Museum of Idaho's Discovery Trunks

Borrow. Discover. Return.

SPACE Discovery Trunk

Explore SPACE with hands on materials and lessons from the NISE network's Explore Earth and Space Toolkit.

Adaptations Discovery Trunk

Explore the ways that animals and plants adapt to Idaho's environment through hands-on games and lessons.

GPS and Compass Discovery Trunk

Explore GPS and Compass technology through hands-on lessons with our set of 10, easy to use Garmin etrex devices and our set of 10, Coghlan's Deluxe Map Compasses.

Conservation Discovery Trunk

Explore the importance of animal, plant, and environmental conservation through hands-on materials.

Idaho Falls History Discovery Trunk

Explore Idaho Falls History through historic photographs, science experiments, and more!

DIY Discovery Trunks

The Museum of Idaho has a large collection of skulls, shells, and fossils for educational use. Design your own discovery trunk with these materials!