Summer Day Camps


Robots vs. Monsters

Epic clash for the ages!

Who will win in this timeless fight of ROBOTS VS. MONSTERS? We’ll go on a journey of scientific discovery as we match up the ancient historic and mythical monsters that roamed Idaho against modern-day technological ingenuity. Create, explore, code, engineer, and imagine!

Gross Science - Dissection Camp

Icky, squishy, slimy, cool!

In this day camp, we’ll dissect, experiment, and find the gross in things all around us. Use biology, chemistry, and physics to explore all things messy, smelly, and weird. Enjoy a bug buffet (and non-bug-related snacks) on your way to becoming an expert in gross science.

Mission to Space

An adventure that’s out of this world!

Congratulations! You’ve been selected as the newest astronaut on our Mission to Space! From MOI base camp, we’ll explore the sun, moon, our solar system, and beyond. Answer some of the biggest questions out there with games, experiments, and space-themed snacks. Design and plan your very own mission to outer space with the help of your fellow astronauts.

Museum Time Machine

Buckle up, we're going back in time!

Build and use ancient weapons, technology, toys, and more. To blend in on our journey through the past, we’ll try our hand at everything from atlatl spear throwing to sewing and dying fabrics.

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Each day camp is held three times during the summer for each age group. Select a month to see its schedule and apply for a possible scholarship.

ages 6-9

All camps for ages 6-9 run 9am - 1pm.

ages 10+

All camps for ages 10+ run 9am - 3pm.
Ages 10-13: you may qualify for a brand-new scholarship and pay only $5 per camp!

Choose a month, fill out the pop-up questionnaire, and we'll follow up in 1-2 business days. Scholarships made possible thanks to:

COVID-19 precautions

All camps are intentionally kept to only 10 kids each, and proper precautions such as masking and distancing will be followed, per CDC recommendations at the time of each camp.