Please fill out the form to request a large group and/or school field trip. MOI will contact you to confirm, and will send details regarding bus parking, educational resources, and museum etiquette. Please do not finalize your plans until you have received an e-mail confirmation (this is in addition to the automatic e-mail saying you've applied for a visit).

Note: This page is for special group bookings only. Regular admission for individuals or families can be booked through the link on the homepage.

What to Expect

General info
  • We offer discounts for school and scout groups of any size, and commercial and tour groups of 15 people or more.
  • We recommend allocating about one hour for a school visit or group, per exhibit.
  • Bus parking is available. Please contact (208) 522-1400 ext. 3010 or e-mail for details
  • MOI exhibit galleries are normally staffed by volunteers. Docents in green lanyards are ready to answer your questions.
  • We encourage you to download and print the current traveling exhibit gallery guide found HERE.
  • If you would like to customize your visit with a special tour or a meeting with MOI staff, please contact the Education Specialist at (208) 522-1400 ext. 3010 or via e-mail.
  • Tours are available in Mandarin Chinese by appointment. Please contact (208) 522-1400 ext. 3009 or e-mail for scheduling.
  • MOI does not offer public dining services but is within easy walking distance (0.2 mi) of more than a dozen restaurants.
School Groups
Covid - 19 School Group Policies

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, only 50 students, per exhibit, can be allowed in the Museum, with adults and chaperones. Masks are required to be worn by all students and recommended for adults as well.  Also, there are hand sanitizer stations throughout the exhibit and will be provided for everyone to use before entering the exhibit space.

Admission Pricing

Thanks to our Student Ticket Initiative, school groups receive a sharply discounted admission rate of $4 per student. This is possible thanks to ticket sales from our annual Haunted History Tours and the following generous grantors:

  • City of Ammon
  • City of Idaho Falls (Community Partnership Grant)
  • Crowdrise
  • Gladys E. Langroise Advised Fund within Idaho Community Foundation
  • Idaho Community Foundation
  • Idaho Falls Air Show
  • Walmart



With our Student Transportation Initiative, educators from outside the Idaho Falls area may apply for grants to alleviate the costs of bus transportation for school field trips. Please contact (208) 522-1400 ext. 3009 or e-mail for more information. This is possible thanks to the following generous grantors:

  • Harry W. Morrison Foundation
  • Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation
  • Walmart Community Grant
  • William and Shirley Maeck Family Foundation



Official chaperones must ensure that students follow our outlined Museum Manners during their visit. We ask that school groups provide chaperones based on the following ratios:

  • Grades Pre-K to 5: at least 1 chaperone per 6 students
    • In order to qualify as a Pre-K program and receive school group pricing, your organization must employ educators who are certified in Early Childhood Education in the State of Idaho.
    • If your group is an educational daycare that does not employ Idaho-certified Early Childhood Educators, we can offer you another group discount. Please contact (208)522-1400 ext. 3010 or e-mail for details.
  • Grades 6+: at least 1 chaperone per 10 students

Chaperones within these ratios will be admitted to the museum free of charge in exchange for directing student behavior. Groups that do not provide enough chaperones will be charged $15 for each MOI staff member that must be added in order to reach the appropriate ratio.


Educators may access resources for our Idaho and temporary exhibits HERE. Contact (208) 522-1400 ext. 3002 or e-mail with questions, or for additional resources.

Homeschool Groups

We encourage homeschool groups to purchase family memberships. For only $100/year, members have unlimited access to the exhibits, members-only events, and program and store discounts.  MOI would love to help you make meaningful curriculum connections and foster a culture of learning.

If you are not interested in purchasing a family membership, please contact (208) 522-1400 ext. 3009 or e-mail to inquire about discounted homeschool pricing.

CLICK HERE for our Homeschool Field Trip Policies and Museum Manners.

Covid - 19 Home School Group Policies

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, only 50 people will be permitted, per exhibit, including all adults, chaperones, and other family members. Masks are required to be worn by all students and recommended for adults as well. Also, there are hand sanitizer stations throughout the exhibit and will be provided for everyone to use before entering the exhibit space.

Scout Groups

The rate for scout groups is $6/person, including scouts and up to two leaders. Groups with 15 or more scouts may add a third leader at the discounted $6 rate. To receive the discount, scout groups must book in advance by contacting (208) 522-1400 ext. 3010 or e-mail.

Enhanced Field Trips
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are suspending the enhanced field trip option and the Digging Deeper STEM stations for field trips at this time.

MOI usually offers an enhanced field trip experience including hands-on learning and time to explore. For only $1 more per student, this program offers a rotation-based experience, including two STEM lessons based on Idaho state standards, taught by professional educators, and relevant to the current traveling exhibit. We will also create a custom schedule for your visit so each chaperone knows where to go and what to do.  Personalized Tours from Museum Staff is also included as an Enhanced Field Trip option and would  cost the additional $1 per student.

Cost: $5 per student

Note: The enhanced field trip is limited to times when staffing is available and requires at least two weeks notice to schedule.

School Memberships

MOI will offer school memberships to any public or private area school to help build a culture of lifelong learners, supplement curriculum, and help teachers and students dive deep into project-based and place-based learning.

CLICK HERE to learn more about school memberships.