Animal Inside Out


January 23 - December 5, 2021


What's this exhibit all about?

Animal Inside Out allows visitors to get up-close and personal with the real inner workings of familiar and exotic animals whose bodies and body parts have been preserved through a process called plastination. If you're familiar with the famous Body Worlds human exhibit, just think of that -- but with more legs.


What can I see there?

The exhibit features more than 100 specimens including translucent slices, blood vessel configurations, organ configurations, and whole-body plastinates. Highlights include giraffe, giant squid, ostrich, reindeer, and yes, some human specimens as well.


Where do the animals come from?

The specimens come through an established body donation program in cooperation with zoos, veterinary groups, and other organizations. No animal was harmed or killed for this exhibition. After the animals' death, their bodies are plastinated, a process invented by Body Worlds that halts decomposition to preserve specimens for scientific and medical education. In the process, all fluids in the specimen are removed and replaced with plastics and polymers, then cured using light, heat, and special gases.


Fun facts:

  • Just as with many other MOI exhibits, Idaho Falls is by far the country’s smallest city to land Animal Inside Out. It has previously shown in Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, Milwaukee, and a few cities abroad.
  • The 16-foot-tall giraffe in the exhibit is the longest specimen ever plastinated. It required two years, 12 people, and 20,000 working hours to complete. MOI represents the first time it will ever be displayed in a high-ceiling atrium environment.
  • Giant squid can snatch prey up to 33 feet away by shooting out their two feeding tentacles, which are tipped with hundreds of powerful sharp-toothed suckers.
  • The maximum speed of a snail is 1 mile per week, or about 0.006 miles per hour.
  • The combination of the cat’s inner ear and tail provide it with its incredible balance and acrobatic prowess.