Overview and History

Museum of Idaho Overview and History

The Museum of Idaho is a free-standing, non-profit organization dedicated to bringing internationally- & nationally-acclaimed exhibits to southeast Idaho, preserving and showcasing natural and cultural history, and providing unique educational opportunities for everyone.

The local Idaho History Room is filled with fascinating artifacts, including The Andrew Henry Rock which is inscribed with the earliest known writing found in Idaho, a flag with blood stains that was carried in the Civil War by Joseph Lawyer, and the first light bulb to ever be powered by nuclear energy.

img_2249web In this room, you can learn about the dramatic scientific and political adventure that occurred in Idaho’s own backyard including information about the first usable amounts of electricity produced by a nuclear reactor, the first city to be powered by nuclear energy, the birth of the nuclear navy, and many other important advances in nuclear power.
indian-artifacts The Idaho History Room is also home to our Lewis and Clark memorabilia, which highlights Corps of Discovery items including a 1/6th scale reproduction of the keelboat that Lewis and Clark used at the beginning of their journey.  Our Lewis and Clark collection is made complete with American Indian artifacts from the Lakota Sioux Nation, Shoshone and Lemhi-Shoshone Indians including a brain tanned buffalo hide tipi, a bull boat, weapons, clothing, headdresses and tools.
school-house The most popular feature of the Idaho History Room is the schoolhouse, a replica of the first school house built in Eagle Rock during 1882 that is fully outfitted with desks, a pot-bellied stove, books and slates.  It is such a lively reproduction that it is easy to believe class is just about to begin.