Month: September 2017

NASA and Craters of the Moon (Idaho)

NASA and Craters of the Moon (Idaho) Craters of the Moon is a weird national monument, and it shall remain that way, at least for now. In recent months, some have lobbied to upgrade it to a national park, while others pushed to reduce its size. In fact, it is easy to...

Order your Moon rock today!

Order your Moon rock today! When we talk about Moon rocks, what do we mean? Not a lunar meteorite. That’s a piece of the Moon that has fallen to earth by natural processes. About 29 such meteorites have been found, including a big one that landed in the Libyan desert...

The Big Blowup, Pulaski, and wildfire ecology

The Big Blowup, Pulaski, and wildfire ecology How about a little Idaho wildfire history to soothe your lungs on this glorious, smoky day? Hurricane-force winds swept through the Idaho panhandle on August 20, 1910. “The wind was so strong,” said US Forest Service...

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